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Dohoku Local - Other Services

What else can I do for you?

Are you looking for a different type of tour that isn't listed here?

Maybe your travel plans are already set, but you're just looking for an interpreter to help you around Hokkaido during your trip?

Take a look at some of the other services that I can offer, as well as those of some of Dohoku Local's affiliates.

BiEigo Logo

This is Hattie's interpretation and translation website.

If you have already decided where you'd like to go in Hokkaido and what you'd like to do, I can tag along as an interpreter for a day in Biei, Furano or Asahikawa or for several days across Hokkaido.

Please note, I am not licensed to book your accommodation, tickets etc so I will just be with you in capacity as an interpreter. 

Feel free to head over to the BiEigo website and get in touch if you'd like a friendly, experienced interpreter to join you in Hokkaido!

Dohoku Local - Let's Go
Yuto Hirasawa, Photographer

Hattie's husband Yuto is a professional photographer and can offer photography tours in the Biei-Furano-Asahikawa area (and other areas too, if you are open to discussion!)

Whether you're a pro looking for the best shots in Hokkaido, a budding amateur or have just bought a brand new camera and would like a pro to show you how it works, Yuto's tours can be adjusted to fit your requirements.

In addition, if you'd like a professional photo shoot session in Hokkaido, be it a couple shoot, a family shoot or a solo shoot, Yuto can help you out. Take a look at his website and get in touch!

Dohoku Local - Let's Go (White)
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