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Dohoku Local - Hokkaido Wine & Food Pairing

Enjoy Hokkaido wine and cuisine made with local ingredients at a bistro in Biei, Hokkaido.

Dohoku Local - Time & Duration

18:00~ (2.5 hrs)

Dohoku Local - Meeting Point

JR Biei Station

Dohoku Local - Seasonality


Since the 70s, vineyards have been popping up across Hokkaido and it is now waking up to its potential as a major wine producer for the domestic market and beyond.


This experience is held at local bistro “Suzuran Plus” in Biei, a beautiful town which lies right in the middle of Hokkaido. Many wineries are a short drive from Biei, including the one whose wines we will try during this experience! The chef, Mr Kimura, is passionate about wine and cooking and loves to share his passion with diners.


During this experience, you will get to try two glasses of Hokkaido wine (white and red), provided by Tada Winery in the neighbouring town of Kamifurano. Your chef will also prepare a light meal, made using seasonal and local Hokkaido ingredients which pair perfectly with your wines. It is very likely that the dishes may include ingredients from Biei itself!

Price (Per Person)

1 Person: ¥15,000

2 People+: ¥12,500

*Maximum 4 People, Minimum Age 20



  • 2 glasses wine (x1 red, x1 white)

  • Light Meal

  • Services of an English interpreter


Not Included

  • Transportation (we will walk)

  • Wine refills

  • Additional food & drink ordered off the menu

Terms & Conditions

We know, it's boring.
But if you'd like to join an experience, there are some particulars.
We appreciate your taking the time to read this before booking!

1. The minimum age for this tour is 20 years and above (the legal drinking age in Japan). If you do not appear to be of legal drinking age, please be aware that bistro staff may ask to see your ID with your date of birth (passport, driver’s license etc). If it transpires that you have misled us and are not of drinking age, the experience will be terminated and no refunds will be issued. 2. We usually book counter seats for this experience for smaller groups (up to 2 people). For larger groups (3-4 people), we will be at a table or in a private room.  Please be aware that smoking is permitted at the restaurant’s counter. For those concerned about this, we will request a table or the a private room instead. 3. Bookings are accepted a minimum of 3 days in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings later than this. 4. Please let us know if you have any allergies, food intolerances etc. 5. Unfortunately, spectators or food-only participants are not permitted. All participants must take part in the full experience. 6. We cannot accept bookings from those planning to reach the meeting point by rental car. This is in line with strict Japanese laws about driving under the influence, which penalises restaurants for allowing patrons to drive drunk, in addition to the driver. We also cannot accept bookings where one person is the “handle keeper” and refrains from drinking (see number 5 above).  7. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards the interpreter, bistro staff and / or bistro customers will not be tolerated. 8. The participant accepts that they bear responsibility for any accident or injury, except for those caused by negligence or poor behaviour on the part of the bistro staff or the interpreter. 9. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation on the spot with no refund given if any of the T&C are breached. 10. Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled by you, the participant, more than 24 hours before the experience. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of the experience. Unfortunately we do not accept illness or injury as mitigating circumstances. If we have to cancel the experience due to unforeseen circumstances on Dohoku Local's end, a full refund will be given.

So how about it?
Are you ready to go?

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