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Let's walk through a magical white birch forest from the Blue Pond all the way to Shirogane Onsen!

Dohoku Local - Time & Duration
Dohoku Local - Meeting Point

JR Biei Station

Dohoku Local - Seasonality

May ~ Late Oct

09:00~ 4.5hrs

Everyone knows all about the famous Blue Pond! But there is so much more to discover in the area than just the Blue Pond alone... With your Dohoku Local, you'll head to Shirogane Onsen to enjoy Biei's most famous sight and walk a 3km, light walking route through a lovely silver birch forest. There's so much to discover on the way!

We'll meet at JR Biei Station and head to buy some food for a picnic lunch before catching the bus together to the Blue Pond. Once we've spent some time taking pictures together, we'll set off on the "Shirogane White Birch Walking Trail" together. This 3km trail stretches from the Blue Pond to our goal for today, Shirogane Onsen.

Along the way, we'll make all sorts of discoveries in the white birch forest! You may see many species of birds and plants and you might even be lucky enough to spot some squirrels! We'll explore a hidden waterfall in a mysterious glade on our way, where the water flows directly from the Tokachi Volcanic Group itself. 

Soon enough, we'll reach our goal, Shirogane Onsen! After enjoying a view of the famous Shirahige Waterfall, we'll find a place to sit to enjoy our picnic lunch. If time allows, you can try out Shirogane Onsen's famous hot springs before we hop on a bus back to Biei Station together.

Please note that the cost of the bus fare and lunch are not included in this tour. Please make sure you have enough cash on you to pay for the bus fare and your picnic lunch.

Price (Per Person)

1 Person: ¥7,500

2 People+: ¥5,000

*Maximum 4 People, Minimum Age 6



  • ​Services of your Dohoku Local

  • Sun hats and parasols on sunny days (please request at the time of booking)

  • Umbrellas and ponchos for lightly rainy days

  • Bug spray for walking in the forest


Not Included

  • Bus fare - please pay on the day

  • Picnic Lunch

  • Onsen time at Shirogane Onsen

*Please make sure you wear comfortable shoes for this tour. Non-cotton socks are also advised to prevent blisters.

Terms & Conditions

We know, it's boring.
But if you'd like to join an experience, there are some particulars.
We appreciate your taking the time to read this before booking!

1. The minimum age for this experience is 6 years and above but your child must be happy to walk fairly long distances without sitting down. If your child is small enough to be carried, that's no problem! 2. If you live in Japan and wish to bring your pet with you on this walk, you may. However, pet owners must take responsibility for their animal's behaviour at all times, including cleaning up their toilet mess, keeping them off of private land and their reactions to vehicles and other pedestrians. Dohoku Local cannot be held responsible for accidents or incidents involving your pet. 3. Note that the forest we will walk through is bear country. Although it is very unlikely that we will actually meet a bear, please be sure to follow your Dohoku Local's instructions for your safety! Your Dohoku Local will carry bear spray as a precaution. 4. If you are feeling tired and wish to terminate the walk early, we will return to either the Blue Pond or Shirogane Onsen (depending on which is closer) and you can return to Biei via taxi. Your guide will call a taxi for you. However, you must pay the return taxi fee by yourself on site (Biei's taxis only accept cash). Refunds cannot be given for experiences terminated partway through by your instruction. 5. Bookings are accepted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings later than this. The online system only allows for bookings 3 days in advance, so for bookings sooner than this, please reach out to us via our contact form. 6. Please let us know if you have any health or mobility issues that may affect you on this experience. 7. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards your Dohoku Local or Biei townspeople will not be tolerated. 8. The participant accepts that they bear responsibility for any accident or injury, except for those caused by negligence or poor behaviour on the part of their Dohoku Local. 9. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation on the spot with no refund given if any of the T&C are breached. 10. Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled by you, the participant, more than 24 hours before the experience. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of the experience. Unfortunately we do not accept illness or injury as mitigating circumstances. If we have to cancel the experience due to unforeseen circumstances on Dohoku Local's end, a full refund will be given.

So how about it?
Are you ready to go?

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