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Pardon this Garden

We are doing a bit of spring cleaning and making some updates and long overdue changes to our website. You may see a little clutter here and there but it should still be functional! However, if you encounter any difficulties with booking or any of our pages, let's cut out the middleman - just send us a message via the contact form.

Welcome to
Dohoku Local

Looking for some memorable things to do in Hokkaido during your visit?

Dohoku Local offers you unique experiences connecting visitors with local people in Northern Hokkaido, providing both Hokkaido summer activities and Hokkaido winter activities.

Check out our experiences below, and see you soon!

White fish sashimi on a blue plate.

Biei Food Experiences


Visit restaurants in Biei with a guide to explore Hokkaido's delicious local cuisine.

Dohoku Local - Let's Go

Winter Season

Dec ~ Mar

Come join us for some exciting experiences in Hokkaido's wonderful, fresh powder snow!

Dohoku Local - Let's Go

Dohoku Diary

Dohoku Local - Hello

My name is Hattie and I'm the creator of Dohoku Local!

I am originally from the UK and I have lived in Hokkaido since 2019. After some time spent working at the local tourism association, now I am a freelance interpreter, translator and experience leader in the town.

"Dohoku" means "north Hokkaido" in Japanese. This region is very important to my heart and I began operating experiences in the hope that I could introduce this region and its people, the Dohoku locals, to visitors. After joining me for an experience and meeting some of the people in this lovely part of Hokkaido, it's my hope that you'll come away feeling like a Dohoku Local yourself!

Image of the creator of Dohoku Local smiling and surrounded by flowers.
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