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What's Dohoku Local?

Welcome to Dohoku Local!

My name is Hattie and I am the creator of Dohoku Local.

"Dohoku" in Japanese means "North Hokkaido". This is a beautiful part of Hokkaido that is popular among visitors for its flower meadows, rolling hills, stunning mountains and magical winters.

Biei's rolling hills with the mountains in the background.
The rolling hills of Biei in early summer.

Biei's hills in the winter with cloudy mountains in the background.
Winter changes the scenery completely.

However, having lived here for a number of years now, I have learned that the best way to experience this region is not just through the scenery but also through its people. I decided to create Dohoku Local to work with local people-- the Dohoku Locals-- to bring unique tourism experiences to visitors.

There are small business owners, fishermen, farmers, chefs and bakers, sommeliers, artists and artisans and many more wonderfully welcoming people who make this region the special place that it is. Many of them are happy to share their passion with visitors and it's thanks to them that this project has become possible.

At the moment, we have launched food tours in Biei but we also plan to launch walking tours in the near future. In addition, experiences will be expanded beyond Biei and into other parts of Northern Hokkaido in the future.

A plated dish of salmon and vegetables on a basil sauce.
A delicious plated meal from bistro Suzuran Plus.

Stay tuned, and I hope we will see you soon for some exciting things to do in Hokkaido!

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