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What to eat in Northern Hokkaido, Sep 2023 - Tomatoes

Wondering what to eat in Hokkaido? Starting with September, we're going to be bringing you the scoop on Northern Hokkaido's fruit and veg in season so you know what to enjoy every month!

As summer winds down and autumn begins to arrive in Northern Hokkaido, the poly tunnels around the region are at their busiest. It's tomato season!

A pile of three ripe tomatoes on a wooden table.
Seasonal tomatoes that we received from a local farmer! So juicy!

Although there are plenty of things to eat in Hokkaido in September, Northern Hokkaido region grows a lot of tomatoes. Most are for eating as-is, such as beef tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. Cooking tomatoes are also grown in poly tunnels, contracted to large Japanese condiment producers like Kagome. These cooking tomatoes will become canned tomatoes, tomato ketchup, pasta sauces and other goods sold in Japanese supermarkets.

A close-up of a hand holding a cherry tomato.
This is a type of cherry tomato with tiger-like stripes.

However, Japanese requirements for produce being shipped out to supermarkets is very strict. If the fruit or vegetables are strangely shaped, overripe or underripe, they cannot be sent out. However, it doesn't go to waste-- locals often buy these rejected products directly from farmers.

So, at this time of year, expect to see a lot of delicious tomato-based dishes as you explore Northern Hokkaido!

A tomato pasta dish on a table. Behind it is a glass of ice tea and water out of focus.
Local cafes and restaurants use seasonal tomatoes in their menus, like this pasta dish!

If you're curious about Hokkaido's tasty tomatoes, why not join one of our food tours to try them for yourself?

Also coming up this season is Hokkaido's famous salmon! We are sure that our Dohoku Locals will also be using this in their autumn menus. So don't miss out-- join us for a gastronomic adventure on your next trip to Hokkaido!

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