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Dohoku Local "Biei River snowshoeing" icon.

Don a pair of snowshoes and take a walk alongside the bright blue Biei River...
And of course, play in the snow to your heart's content!

Dohoku Local - Time & Duration

09:00 / 13:30 (2.5 hrs)

Dohoku Local - Meeting Point

JR Biei Station

Dohoku Local - Seasonality

Dec ~ Mar

What is a snowshoe? Put simply, it’s like a big slipper that helps you to not sink into the snow! With snowshoes, you can walk over Hokkaido’s lovely powder snow and get up close to scenery that you usually may not be able to see in the summer.


For this experience, you’ll meet up with your Dohoku Local and head out to a path alongside the Biei River. In winter, this path is a popular running and cycle route but in winter, it’s covered in snow. This means it’s only accessible to snowshoers… like us! We’ll strap on our snowshoes and follow the river for a few kilometres, admiring its beautiful, natural blue colour. The Biei River is in fact the river that feeds the Blue Pond 20km upstream— amazing that its colour is visible all the way into town! As we go, you'll have plenty of chances to play in the wonderful, soft snow.


On very cold mornings, you may also spot some wonderful natural phenomena, such as diamond dust or rime ice clinging to the trees. If you wish, you can start the morning snowshoeing earlier at 8am for a better chance of seeing these phenomena!

Price (Per Person)

1 Person: ¥7,500

2 People+: ¥5,000

*Maximum 4 People, Minimum Age 12



  • Snowshoes & Poles

  • Snow gaiters (if you need them)

  • Hand-Warmers & Other items to help you stay warm!

  • Services of your Dohoku Local


Not Included

  • Transportation (we will walk)

  • Winter clothing*

*Please make sure you have waterproof, insulated top and bottom laters for this tour (e.g. ski pants and jacket). Although we can provide gaiters for low-cut shoes, snowshoe clasps can damage leather, suede or fabric so please wear shoes made from a tough, synthetic material.. We take no responsibility for any damage caused to shoes or clothes not appropriate for this tour. 

Terms & Conditions

We know, it's boring.
But if you'd like to join an experience, there are some particulars.
We appreciate your taking the time to read this before booking!

1. The minimum age for this tour is 12 years and above due to snowshoe availability. Depending on your child's shoe size, this may be negotiable. 2. There are areas of this walk where it is not safe to approach the river. Please follow your Dohoku Local's instructions very closely to avoid incident. 3. Bookings are accepted a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Unfortunately we cannot accept bookings later than this. The online system only allows for bookings 3 days in advance, so for bookings sooner than this, please reach out to us via our contact form. 4. Please let us know if you have any health or mobility issues that may affect you on this experience. 5. Aggressive or threatening behaviour towards your Dohoku Local or Biei townspeople will not be tolerated. 6. The participant accepts that they bear responsibility for any accident or injury, except for those caused by negligence or poor behaviour on the part of their Dohoku Local. 7. We reserve the right to cancel the reservation on the spot with no refund given if any of the T&C are breached. 8. Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled by you, the participant, more than 24 hours before the experience. 100% cancellation fee if cancelled within 24 hours of the experience. Unfortunately we do not accept illness or injury as mitigating circumstances. If we have to cancel the experience due to unforeseen circumstances on Dohoku Local's end, a full refund will be given.

So how about it?
Are you ready to go?

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